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Devolve- The Wolf

Devolve is a young-adult adventure fiction series written by New Zealand-based author, Mike Hooper. The first book in the dystopian series, 'The Wolf', is now available in both paperback and ebook formats.


The upcoming second book in the series entitled "Devolve - The Bug" is currently in discussion with publishers. More details about its upcoming release should be available soon.

the story so far

Devolve is the thought-provoking adventure book series which follows the story of a 16-year-old orphan, Foren. Born and raised far beneath ground in the Burrows, with what might be all that is left of mankind following the war.

As he steps foot on the Surface for the very first time in his life, he's not exactly sure what he'll find.

But he will make friends, he will make enemies, and he will discover the truth.

"Nicely told, with moments of action and a good succession of unexpected twists. Devolve is self-published by author Mike Hooper and it's satisfying to see a New Zealand book of this worth coming from the local publishing sector."
- NZ Herald

"The design is competent and professional. ...Filled with twists, turns and some rather unexpected surprises. A competent, and relatively easy read, with barely a dull moment. I look forward to reading more."
- Booksellers NZ

"...extraordinary flair for ingenious plot twists and surprises. ...the book was cleverly thought out and written, with complex characters and an imaginative world to boot. Hooper describes the surface with an almost childlike tenderness, but its innocence soon vanishes among the battles for survival. I personally look forward to the next two books and the realities they will bring."
- Amy Norvell-Wonacott (via Hooked on NZ Books)

"...exciting twists and turns with a hint of violence that left me wanting more."
- Sakina Ali (via Hooked on NZ Books)

a little from the author


I'm Mike Hooper, a young adult fiction author from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Devolve; The Wolf is my first published works, and one that I am very proud of. Not only is it a coming-of-age story through the eyes of a character whom (at times) we can all relate to, the book also touches on key issues that we face in society today. From stereotyping, wastefulness, and beyond.

So far, my writing has taken me on one hell of a journey. And I'm hoping you'll come along with me.

Feel free to check out the profile section to learn more about me.

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