6 things you didn't know

about devolve; the wolf

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So you've already read Devolve -The Wolf? And think you know everything that there is to know about it? Well here are a few things that you didn't know!

1. The Burrow King's "play the game" quote is actually a reference to Mike's old primary school, Patumahoe School, where perhaps his storytelling journey began - it was the school's motto.


2. Vici's name (derived from the first two letters of her Burrow name - V and C) might have been more phonetically correct if written as 'Visi', but was purposely spelt this way to trip-up those who hadn't actually read the book (as they'd be likely to pronouce her name as "Vicky").


3. The storyline for The Wolf was largely thought-up aboard various Air New Zealand flights, as made evident by coffee stains and illegible handwriting (from patches of turbulence) throughout the notebook within which it was drafted.


4. Foren's "single-use spoon" rant was also written on an Air New Zealand flight, after being asked whether he needed a spoon to stir his coffee.

5. Up until the later stages of the book's first draft, Foren's mother still featured in the story as living in the Burrows with him. Plot changes for the second and third books meant that she was instead largely written out of the story, and many of her scenes filled by Mrs Smit - whose surname is short for the common family name 'Smith', and was originally intended as a placeholder name (such as John Doe).

6. The few details known of Foren's father (The Wolf) are his first name and birthday - the same name and birthday as Mike's own father.


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